Get a Garmin Vivomove Sport aptness tracker for $46

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The Vivomove: stylish watch first, simple fitness-tracker second.


Want to drop your toe into fitness-tracking, though don’t wish a clunky, over-complicated, over-priced tool strapped to your wrist?

How about this instead: A nice-looking watch that has aptness facilities baked in and can run for a full year on a replaceable battery.

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That’s a Garmin Vivomove in a nutshell, and while there are caveats to consider, let’s start with a deal: For a singular time, and while reserve last, BuyDig has a Garmin Vivomove Sport for $45.99 shipped when we request promo code C101017X30 during checkout. The Sport is accessible in possibly black or white and it creatively sole for $150.

That formula will also strike a Vivomove Classic (again, black or white) down to $49.99. The usually genuine disproportion between a two: competition rope vs. leather band. Finally, there’s a Premium model, accessible in immaculate or gold-tone steel, for $99.99.

Nice watch!

As we can tell from a photos, a Vivomove is a really appealing watch. And, honestly, that’s a core competency, though with some Fitbit-style extras.

Here’s what it doesn’t have: notifications, vibrations or heart-rate monitoring. we esteem notifications above aptness tracking, so this isn’t a watch for me. But a Vivomove does do some-more than only tell time and demeanour good on your wrist.

If we demeanour closely, you’ll see dual tiny gauges on a watchface. The left one shows how tighten we are to reaching your daily step goal, while a right one marks inactivity: it solemnly fills with red bars for each 15 mins you’re sitting still. Neat!

Of course, though any kind of alert, you’d have to keep glancing during a watch to check your loitering status. Not so neat?

I haven’t used a Vivomove myself, though we can tell we this: The reviews operation from churned to mostly auspicious — starting with CNET’s, that awarded a watch a 7.8 out of 10. That’s indeed flattering good, and many other veteran reviews I’ve checked are in a 3.5-4-star range. But check user reviews and you’ll see a lot of restlessness with Garmin’s app and a syncing process. (The latter emanate was lifted in CNET’s examination as well.)


Win this!

Has Garmin worked out those bugs? Perhaps, as it’s been a year given a Vivomove strike a market. Or maybe not, in that box we still get a nice-looking waterproof watch with dual cold activity-monitoring gauges (which, incidentally, work exclusively of phone connectivity). For $46.

Your thoughts?

Giveaway: Win a Nintendo SNES Classic console! we theory I’m not a sentimental type, since we can't for a life of me know a wild standing-in-line passion over this thing. But, man, is this a must-have object right now… and CNET is giving divided dual of them!

So get on over to a giveaway page and get your entrance (or entries) in — you’ve got until Sunday to do so. Good luck!

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