Here Are Today’s Headlines:

Here Are Today’s Headlines:


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Published on Tuesday, 14 Feb 2017 11:13

FilePic: Malaysian DigestFilePic: Malaysian Digest

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The English dailies currently frontpaged news regarding PR1MA’s new intrigue that enhances home ownership, apprehension groups are chasing after Iridium-192 to make bombs, 7 of Malaysia’s many wanted poachers have been incarcerated as good as 46 hospitals are deemed as genocide traps due to their bad safety.

Making It Easier For BuyersThe Star frontpaged, home-buyers underneath a 1Malaysia People’s Housing Programme (PR1MA) are now offering a intrigue to compensate usually a monthly seductiveness for a initial 5 years. In addition, a intrigue is partial of an end-financing intrigue to raise home ownership.

Radioactive Bomb Threat? – In an disdainful by New Straits Times, a confidence consultant warns that hot element stolen from a organisation in Klang is many sought after by apprehension groups that wish to make unwashed bombs. The material, Iridium-192, can simply be found in Malaysia, though not in other Asian countries.

Jumbo Catch – Seven of Malaysia’s many wanted poachers, who are believed to have killed 15 elephants for their tusks and meat, were arrested final Friday during a raid by a Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Perhilitan), The Sun reports. Animal tools value approximately RM500,000 and sport arsenals and an collection of firearms value RM500,000 were seized.

Hospitals In Coma – Forty 6 hospitals out of 139 inhabitant are intensity genocide traps and need obligatory repairs, Malay Mail highlights, following a reserve review that was triggered by a lethal Sultanah Aminah Hospital glow in Johor final October. The MoH pronounced it will be an costly endeavour and projects will be prioritised, while engineers pronounced some-more active measures are indispensable to safeguard a reserve of a buildings.

Aside from highlighting that a Crown Prince of Johor and Tan Sri Annuar Musa will go head-to-head to be allocated as a subsequent FAM President, a Malay dailies also reported on a hideous murder in Pandan Indah as good a organisation claiming that a Earth is not a sphere-shaped planet.

Annuar Lawan TMJ (Annuar Versus TMJ)Utusan Malaysia highlights a Crown Prince of Johor Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim and Tan Sri Annuar Musa have reliable their candidacy in a rest to be inaugurated as a subsequent FAM President. The dual possibilities will go head-to-head during a 53rd FAM Congress that’s scheduled to take place on 25 Mar 2017.

TMJ, Annuar Berentap Jawatan Presiden FAM (TMJ, Annuar Fight For The FAM President Seat) –The quarrel between a Crown Prince and a politician will establish who will lead a country’s inhabitant football association, Kosmo! reports. In a eventuality TMJ wins, he will turn a youngest FAM President in history, since Annuar would have a thespian quip after being dangling as a FAM Deputy President in a past.

TMJ Tawar Diri Terajui FAM (TMJ Offers Himself To Lead FAM) – Tunku Ismail Tunku Ibrahim yesterday reliable his candidacy in a competition to elect a subsequent FAM President, Berita Harian reports. His acknowledgment subsequently led to a Minister of Youth and Sports, Khairy Jamaluddin to humbly decrease a candidacy.

‘Ayahku Pembunuh’ (My Father’s A Murderer) – As reported by Harian Metro, a 14-year-old daughter allegedly claimed that her father killed her mother, younger sister and nephew in a heartless bloodbath. In a hideous eventuality that happened during approximately 11:50pm 3 nights ago, a 3 bodies were detected in their home during Taman Lembah Maju, Pandan Indah, with a think found comatose after he drank poison.

Bumi Bukan Bulat? (The Earth Is Not Round?)Sinar Harian frontpaged a organisation that believes that a earth is a prosaic aspect and claimed that a ‘Sphere Theory’ is a swindling opposite a world’s elite. The organisation has voiced that over a years we’ve seen several images of a planet, and questioned because this happens when there’s usually one planet.

The vernacular dailies prominence news relating to doctors who are absent for too prolonged will be laid off as good as a Immigration Department propelling employers to request for an e-card for their newcomer employees.

Doctors Who Are Absent For Too Long, Will Be Laid OffChina Press reports that Chief Secretary to a Government of Malaysia Tan Sri Ali Hamsa has pronounced that doctors and medical practitioners who’ve ‘disappeared’ for over 400 days will be dismissed. He combined that due to a bad miss of responsibility, a medical zone has one of a top turnover rate.

No Place For Agents Or Middlemen In E-Card RegistrationSin Chew Daily reports starting from Wednesday until Jun 30, employers should request e-cards for their newcomer employees. The Immigration Department never allocated any representative or pull to arrange for a proxy label focus routine or E-Card for bootleg immigrants, where unethical people are charging newcomer workers adult to RM7,000 for a card.

– Malaysian Digest

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