Is Google is tracking you? Find out here

I had plcae story enabled for Google Maps and didn’t know it. we found it engaging to see that spots Google logged for me over a past week or month or year, and we don’t devise on disabling a service. Google states that your plcae story map is private and manifest usually to you, though it’s good to know that we can undo portions of my plcae story or all of it, as good as invalidate a underline from tracking me in a future.

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Am we being tracked?

To see if we have plcae story enabled, conduct to your Google Maps Timeline. In a belt subsequent a map Google will tell we either plcae story is on or off and let we capacitate or postponement it. (You can also find this environment in a Personal info and privacy territory on your Google comment page. Scroll down to a Places we go area click a toggle switch to spin it off.)

Disabling plcae history, however, does not mislay your past history. If you’d like to erase a locations Google has stored for you, click a rigging idol in a lower-right dilemma of your Timeline map and name Delete all Location History.

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Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

You can also undo your locale for a singular day or even a singular stop of a singular day. Choose a day from a menu in a upper-left dilemma of your Timeline map. You’ll afterwards see to a left of a map a list of your stops for that day. Click a trashcan idol during a tip of a list to undo a plcae information for a whole day, or click a triple-dot button subsequent to a stop and name Remove stop from day to undo only that location.

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Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Check your phone’s plcae settings

For iOS users who wish to invalidate Google’s plcae stating from your iPhone, we will need to invalidate Location Reporting from a Google hunt app or another Google app on your iPhone, such as Google Maps.

For a Google hunt app, daub on your profile pic in a upper-left dilemma to open Settings. Next, daub on Privacy, tap Location and Location Reporting and afterwards name Do not report. You could leave Location Reporting enabled though forestall Google from storing your story by drumming Location History from a Location shade and afterwards selecting Do not store before drumming Done.


Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

On Google Maps, daub a hamburger button in a tip left, daub Your timeline, daub a triple-dot button in a tip right and daub Settings. Under Location settings, we can see if Location Services and Location History are incited on or off. From this page in settings, we can also undo all or a apportionment of your plcae history.


Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

There is also a new object on a categorical Google Maps row called Share location. It lets we temporarily share your plcae with specific contacts.

You can also see that apps are regulating plcae services on your iPhone by going to Settings Privacy Location Services.

For Android users, a routine is streamlined. Go to Settings Location Google Location Reporting. For Location Reporting, daub a slider to spin it off.

For some-more information, check out a Google support pages for plcae stating for Android and for iOS.

Editors’ note: This story was creatively published on Nov 5, 2015, and has been updated to embody new information.

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