Meghan Markle’s Getting Royal Etiquette Training from Prince Harry

Meghan Markle is about to get a pile-up march on being a stately — from meaningful a manners of curtsying to doing herself during State events — and we’ve schooled her clergyman is her fiance, Harry.  

Meghan has a million things to learn, according to stately consultant Katie Nicholl. Just a few examples, she has to know a kowtow manners … she has to hook for a Queen, Kate, Beatrice, Eugenie and others. She needs to know how to residence dignitaries, and a manners of stately fashion. She needs to know how to hoop herself during State dinners. She also has to learn stately practice during a list … how to reason conversations, and on and on.  

Harry knows a cavalcade given he’s been around it given birth, so he’s a ideal mentor.  

There are stupid small no-no’s Meghan needs to understand. We’re told one thing that she’ll have to remove is her adore of selfies with fans. It’s only not done.

Diana ran afoul of a manners early on when she wore a divulgence black robe for an eventuality with Princess Grace. In royal-dom, all black outfits are indifferent for funerals and mourning. 

And get this … we’re told Harry started giving Meghan stately task months ago, that means he knew she was a keeper. 

We’re guessing Meghan will have a few books on her nightstand, like Katie Nicholl’s arriving book, “Harry: Love, Life, Loss.”

It’s a training routine for sure, though she has to have all down pat by May 26 … when she and Harry get hitched