Today in Trump: Feb 16, 2017

Today in a Trump Administration

New Labor secretary named currently in Trump press conference

President Trump announced his new Labor secretary nominee,  less than a day after Andrew Puzder withdrew his name from caring for a post.  It’s counsel Alexander Acosta, whom a boss met with Wednesday.

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Acosta is a vanguard of Florida International University Law School. The Harvard-trained counsel is also a former partner profession ubiquitous for a Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division and former U.S. profession for a Southern District of Florida. Acosta was a initial Hispanic who hold a arrange of partner profession general. 

Harward rejects inhabitant confidence confidant job

Vice Admiral Robert Harward has deserted President Trump’s offer to be a new inhabitant confidence adviser, CBS News’ Major Garrett reports.

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Sources tighten to a conditions told Garrett Harward and a administration had a brawl over over staffing a confidence council.

Two sources tighten to a conditions endorse Harward  Harward demanded his possess team, and a White House resisted. Specifically, Mr. Trump told Deputy National Security Adviser K. T. McFarland that she could keep her post, even after a ouster of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn

Impromptu press discussion highlights


Asked by Major Garrett about three new examples of new Russian aggression opposite a U.S., a boss said, “I’m going to see what happens,” Mr. Trump said. “They all happened recently and we know what they’re doing … I’m not going to tell we anything about what response we do. we don’t speak about troops response.” 

Asks black contributor to “set adult a meeting” with Congressional Black Caucus

President Trump’s freewheeling press White House press discussion Thursday — in that he announced his new labor secretary pick — also enclosed an ungainly sell on race, after a contributor asked him about his policies to urge center cities.

“You go to some of a center city places and it’s so unhappy when we demeanour during a crime,” a boss said. He went on to news how people “lock themselves into apartments petrified to even leave in a center of a day” in civic areas for fear of crime in a cities.

Journalist Apr Ryan, who serves as a White House match and Washington business arch for American Urban Radio Networks, followed up: “When we contend a center cities, are we going to embody a CBC, Mr. President, in your conversations with your civic agenda?”

When Mr. Trump seemed unknown with a “CBC” acronym, Ryan, who is black, clarified: “Are we going to embody a Congressional Black Caucus — “

The boss interrupted: “Well we would. I’d tell we what — do we wish to set adult a meeting?

Replacing transport anathema with new executive order

During a extensive press discussion Thursday, President Trump announced his goal to replace a existent chronicle of his transport ban with a new executive order, previewing a movement that could come as early as “next week.”

“We’re arising a new executive movement subsequent week that will comprehensively strengthen a country,” Mr. Trump told reporters collected in a White House’s East Room, for a press discussion to announce his newest labor secretary pick. “So we’ll be going along a one trail and hopefully winning that, during a same time we will be arising a new and unequivocally extensive sequence to strengthen a people. That will be finished someday subsequent week, toward a commencement or center during a latest part.”

Later, he shielded his strange executive order, that immediately paused a U.S. interloper module and barred any citizen of 7 primarily Muslim nations from entering a country.


President Trump declined to answer a doubt Thursday about how his administration skeleton to fight a arise in anti-Semitism, and instead told a Jewish contributor seeking it to lay down and called it “not a satisfactory question.”

During a press discussion during a White House that lasted for some-more than an hour, a Jewish contributor voiced regard about flourishing anti-Semitism and said, “What we haven’t unequivocally listened being addressed is an uptick in anti-Semitism and how a supervision is formulation to take caring of it.” The contributor afterwards referenced a spate of explosve threats opposite Jewish Community Centers opposite a U.S. over a final month or so, and afterwards was interrupted by a president.

“He pronounced he was going to ask a unequivocally simple, easy question. And it’s not. It’s not a elementary question, not a satisfactory question,” Mr. Trump said. “Okay, lay down. we know a rest of your question. So here’s a story folks. Number one, we am a slightest anti-Semitic chairman that you’ve ever seen in your whole life. Number two, racism. The slightest extremist person.”

White House is “fine-tuned machine”

Donald Trump mounted an assertive invulnerability of his immature presidency Thursday, lambasting reports that his debate advisers had inapt hit with Russian officials and vowing to moment down on a leaking of personal information.

Nearly a month into his presidency, Trump insisted in a free-wheeling White House news discussion that his new administration had done “significant progress” and took credit for an confident business meridian and a rising batch market.

The boss denounced media reports of a pell-mell start to his administration noted by his quarrelsome executive sequence – deserted by a sovereign appeals justice – to place a anathema on travelers from 7 primarily Muslim nations. Trump pronounced he would announce a “new and unequivocally extensive sequence to strengthen a people” subsequent week.

“This administration is using like a fine-tuned machine,” Trump announced in a extensive news discussion that saw a new commander in arch regularly interrupting reporters’ questions and airing his grievances.

Trump vows “low-life leakers” will be caught

In tweets, President Trump threatened to locate Washington’s “low-life leakers” to a press, following a news in a New York Times alleging his debate had steady hit with Russian officials before to a 2016 presidential election.

The Cabinet

The Senate might opinion on a acknowledgment of Mick Mulvaney to be OMB director.

Supreme Court

Judge Neil Gorsuch meets with Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey

What Trump’s transport anathema means to one new U.S. citizen

Five days after Donald Trump sealed his transport ban, a immature Iraqi named Layth Baheej wiped divided tears as he took a promise of citizenship and listened to a U.S. immigration central in Baltimore welcomed him to be a full member in American democracy. 

Four of his siblings were killed in a war, and Baheej hopes he’ll be means to move his flourishing siblings and his relatives to join him here, though Mr. Trump’s anathema has expel a shade over those hopes. Rebecca Kaplan reports.

What we missed yesterday

Labor secretary collect withdraws 

Andrew Puzder, President Trump’s collect for labor secretary, officially withdrew his name from a Cabinet nomination, following a drawn-out acknowledgment routine tormented by scandal.

The quick food executive announced his withdrawal in a matter Wednesday afternoon.

“After clever caring and discussions with my family, we am withdrawing my assignment for Secretary of Labor,” Puzder wrote. “I am respected to have been deliberate by President Donald Trump to lead a Department of Labor and put America’s workers and businesses behind on a trail to tolerable prosperity.”

Former confidant to 3 GOP presidents questions Trump’s motivations on Russia

President Donald Trump has angry everybody from federal judges, to associate Republicans, to Meryl Streep. He’s even taken a shot during a Pope.

But he’s seemed to hook over behind to equivocate criticizing Vladimir Putin.

“Obviously there is something going on here,” pronounced Peter Wehner, and he wants to know why.

Wehner worked for Ronald Reagan and both Bush administrations essay speeches and generating process ideas. Wehner is now with a conservative Ethics and Public Policy Center.

Analyst: “Stunning” volume of personal information being leaked against Trump administration

When a boss spoke of illegal leaks of personal information, he was right, of course. 

“These people have committed a intensity sovereign transgression in articulate to a reporters, and that ought to disquiet us,” says CBS News comparison inhabitant confidence researcher Fran Townsend, who was Homeland Security Adviser underneath President George W. Bush. “There’s arrange of a bottom turn of this we’ve come to design out of Washington.”

But a volume of personal information that’s being leaked right now? Townsend says “frankly, we find it stunning.” 

Secretary Tillerson meets with Russian counterpart

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has embarked on his initial central outing to Bonn, Germany for a G-20 Foreign Ministers’ Summit where he will dive into tact with a array of organisation sessions and one-on-one meetings. 

As President Trump has regularly expel his administration as one that will ring in a new epoch for U.S.-Russian relations, all eyes will be examination as Tillerson meets with with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov for a initial time.

In assembly with Lavrov, Tillerson will disciple for useful and constructive team-work where interests overlap, according to comparison State Department officials. Countering ISIS and terrorism are probable avenues for cooperation. 

National confidence adviser

President Trump has offered a pursuit of inhabitant confidence confidant to Vice Admiral Robert Harward, according to sources tighten to a situation, CBS News’ Major Garrett reports.

Trump slams intel village after Russia report

President Trump launched a Twitter descent opposite a U.S. comprehension community, following a news expelled Tuesday night that some debate officials had steady hit with Russian comprehension officers before a 2016 presidential election.

The boss pilloried a New York Times report, that cited comprehension sources, as “non-sense” and a “cover-up” for Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful presidential campaign. He also indicted members of a comprehension village of “illegally” handing over information to a news media.

Meanwhile, Democratic senators planned an puncture meeting Wednesday morning to plead a latest Russia reports and Michael Flynn’s resignation.

The Cabinet

Sources tell Major Garrett that Mr. Trump has offering a post of National Security Adviser to Robert Harward, a former Navy SEAL and former emissary commander of U.S. Central Command. Harward has not nonetheless supposed a job.

Garrett also reports that Labor Secretary hopeful Andy Puzder is approaching to withdraw.

Trump on Israel: he calls on Netanyahu to “hold behind a small bit” on settlements

President Trump called on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Wednesday to temporarily solidify construction of settlements, that a supervision has been fast expanding in East Jerusalem and a West Bank.

At a corner news discussion between a dual leaders from East Room of a White House, Mr. Trump pronounced that he is seeking Israel to “hold behind on settlements for a small bit.”

Netanyahu responded, “we’ll try.” Mr. Trump afterwards commented that his greeting didn’t sound too optimistic. The primary apportion was after asked to respond to Mr. Trump’s request, and he pronounced that a emanate of settlements is “not a core of a conflict, nor does it expostulate a conflict.”


President Trump welcomes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to a White House. They’ll hold a corner news discussion during noon, shortly after Netanyahu arrived. 

What’s during interest in Trump and Netanyahu meeting

Iranian charge in a Middle East, a Iranian chief deal, Israeli settlements in a West Bank and a dispute in Syria are issues that will expected browbeat a agenda when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with President Trump during a White House Wednesday.

The revisit will be pivotal in reviving a U.S.-Israel relationship, that gifted one of a lowest points reduction than dual months ago when a Obama administration abstained during a U.N. Security Council opinion on a fortitude that demanded an finish to Israeli allotment construction–By Rebecca Shabad

Trump administration suggests shelter from two-state resolution in Middle East is possible

The Trump administration suggested Tuesday that assent between a Israelis and Palestinians may not come in a form of a two-state solution – a position that could paint a thespian change from former President Barack Obama, who said he saw no alternative.

Speaking to reporters forward of President Donald Trump’s assembly Wednesday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a comparison White House central pronounced Mr. Trump is fervent to start facilitating a assent understanding between a dual sides and anticipating to move them together soon.

Palestinians are undetermined by this suggestion.

Trump/Netanyahu schedule:

11:50 a.m. Netanyahu arrives

12 p.m. Joint news conference

12:40 p.m. Oval Office meeting

1:45 p.m. Lunch

Marco Rubio 

The boss horde a Rubios for cooking this evening. This comes a day after a Christies came for lunch.


The boss met with retailers to speak about a hurdles confronting them. He told them he’s slicing regulations “by large amounts” and “in usually about each industry.” He also mentioned a devise to change a taxation formula would be entrance soon.

“We’re doing a large taxation devise that is entrance along unequivocally well,” he told a retailers. “It will be submitted in a not too apart future. It will be not usually good and simpler, it will be, you’re articulate about large numbers of savings.”  And, he combined that he designed to reduce rates “very, unequivocally almost for probably everybody in each category. Including personal and business.”

 Here’s a list of participants:

  • Brian Cornell, Chairman and CEO, Target
  • Marvin Ellison, Chairman and CEO, J.C. Penney Company
  • Hubert Joly, Chairman and CEO, Best Buy
  • Art Peck, CEO, Gap Inc.
  • Bill Rhodes, Chairman, President and CEO, AutoZone
  • Stefano Pessina, Executive Vice Chairman and CEO, Walgreen Boots Alliance
  • Greg Sandfort, President and CEO, Tractor Supply
  • Jill Soltau, CEO and President, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

Supreme Court

Nominee Neil Gorsuch met some-more senators — Johnny Isakson during 10:30 a.m., Patrick Leahy during 11:30 a.m. and Jeanne Shaheen during 2 p.m.

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