Today in Trumpworld — Jan. 12


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11 a.m.: President Donald Trump will accept his daily comprehension lecture in a Oval Office.

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11:30 a.m.: Trump will pointer a commercial to respect Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

12:15 p.m.: Trump will skip a White House en track to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for his physical.

12:45 p.m.: Trump will have his annual physical.

4 p.m.: Trump will skip Walter Reed en track to Palm Beach, Florida.

6:55 p.m.: Trump will arrive in Palm Beach.

YESTERDAY’S BOMBSHELL: From a Washington Post’s Josh Dawsey: “President Trump grew undone with lawmakers Thursday in a Oval Office when they discussed safeguarding immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries as partial of a bipartisan immigration deal, according to several people briefed on a meeting. ‘Why are we carrying all these people from shithole countries come here?’ Trump said, according to these people, referring to countries mentioned by a lawmakers. Trump afterwards suggested that a United States should instead move some-more people from countries such as Norway, whose primary apportion he met with Wednesday. The president, according to a White House official, also suggested he would be open to some-more immigrants from Asian countries since he felt they assistance a United States economically. In addition, a boss singled out Haiti, revelation lawmakers that immigrants from that nation contingency be left out of any deal, these people said.”

THE FALLOUT: From a Washington Post’s Ed O’Keefe, Erica Werner and Josh Dawsey: “Immigration talks on Capitol Hill foundered Thursday after a White House and some GOP lawmakers deserted a indeterminate understanding from a bipartisan Senate organisation — and President Trump done agitator remarks about people from building countries. … Those bomb remarks from a boss roiled a discuss as Democrats erupted in snub and indicted Trump of environment behind prospects for any deal.”

TRUMP’S TWITTER THIS MORNING: “The supposed bipartisan DACA understanding presented yesterday to myself and a organisation of Republican Senators and Congressmen was a vast step backwards. Wall was not scrupulously funded, Chain Lottery were done worse and USA would be forced to take vast numbers of people from high crime….. … ….countries that are doing badly. we wish a consequence formed complement of immigration and people who will assistance take a nation to a subsequent level. we wish reserve and confidence for a people. we wish to stop a large influx of drugs. we wish to account a military, not do a Dem defund…. … ….Because of a Democrats not being meddlesome in life and safety, DACA has now taken a vast step backwards. The Dems will bluster ‘shutdown,’ though what they are unequivocally doing is shutting down a military, during a time we need it most. Get smart, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! … The denunciation used by me during a DACA assembly was tough, though this was not a denunciation used. What was unequivocally tough was a outlandish offer done – a vast reversal for DACA! … Sadly, Democrats wish to stop profitable a infantry and supervision workers in sequence to give a swain deal, not a satisfactory deal, for DACA. Take caring of a Military, and a Country, FIRST!”

BRITAIN TRIP CANCELLED: From POLITICO Europe’s Zoya Sheftalovich: “U.S. President Donald Trump pronounced he won’t transport to London to open a new American embassy since of an Obama epoch ‘bad deal’ in that a ‘best located and excellent embassy in London’ was sole for ‘peanuts.’ The boss tweeted: ‘Reason we canceled my outing to London is that we am not a vast fan of a Obama Administration carrying sole maybe a best located and excellent embassy in London for “peanuts,” usually to build a new one in an off plcae for 1.2 billion dollars. Bad deal. Wanted me to cut ribbon-NO!’ The preference to build a new embassy was done when George W. Bush was president, with a proclamation of a new plcae antiquated Oct 2008, a month before Barack Obama was elected, Sky News initial reported.”

A LOT HERE: Trump conducted an talk with The Wall Street Journal. See a twin here. Trump talked NAFTA, North Korea, DACA, his possess intellect, Steve Bannon, Russia and more.

TODAY’S PHYSICAL: From POLITICO’s Matthew Nussbaum: “A organisation of some-more than 70 psychologists, psychiatrists and mental health professionals sent a minute to President Donald Trump’s medicine on Thursday, imploring him to embody an analysis of a president’s neurological health in a earthy hearing scheduled for Friday. The White House has pronounced tests of mental aptness will not be partial of a president’s physical. Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders pronounced on Thursday that a physician, Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson, would emanate a matter following a examination and answer questions from a media subsequent week.”

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