Today: What Trump Knew Before He Told Flynn ‘You’re Fired.’ At Oroville Dam, on a Wing and Prayer.

I’m Davan Maharaj, editor-in-chief of a Los Angeles Times. Here are some story lines we don’t wish we to skip today.


What Trump Knew Before He Told Flynn ‘You’re Fired’

The White House was anticipating to pierce on quick from a ouster of inhabitant confidence confidant Michael Flynn. Not so fast. More sum have emerged — including accounts suggesting President Trump knew 3 weeks ago that Flynn had skewed his hit with a Russian diplomat. (Here is a detailed tick-tock of events.) In Congress, some-more Republicans assimilated Democrats in calling for a inclusive investigation of Russia’s attempts to change a U.S. supervision during a top levels.

More Politics

— The White House appeared to behind divided from a long-standing U.S. advocacy of a supposed two-state solution for assent between Israel and a Palestinians. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits Trump today.

— The government’s ethics watchdog is recommending that a White House examine and presumably discipline Kellyanne Conway.

— In regressive media, Flynn’s abdication prompted questions about leaks, not Russia.

At Oroville Dam, on a Wing and Prayer

After days of round-the-clock work to equivocate a calamity flood, a stage during Oroville Dam about 75 miles north of Sacramento showed signs of progress. Officials carried an depletion order, permitting some-more than 100,000 to lapse home. A shop-worn spillway seemed to be holding, and a bank used for puncture crawl was shored adult with airlifted bags of boulders, hauled-in rocks and layers of concrete. Now will Mother Nature cooperate as some-more storms pierce in?

More From Oroville

These graphics explain what is happening, while videos uncover a massive bid to repair a dam’s crippled puncture spillway.

— The White House pronounced a puncture is “a textbook instance of since we need to pursue a vital infrastructure package in Congress.”

A ‘Dreamer’ Detained by ICE

Immigration agents contend they incarcerated Daniel Ramirez Medina since he is a “self-admitted squad member” and a “risk to open safety.” Lawyers for a 23-year-old contend he is zero of a sort. They contend he came to a U.S. illegally as a 7-year-old and after perceived insurance underneath a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. (Read a petition here.) And that’s since this box in Washington state is sketch inhabitant attention.

One Piece of a San Bernardino Terror Puzzle

In a issue of a San Bernardino militant attack, Enrique Marquez Jr. had been an enigma: Acquaintances pronounced he was nonsensical male with a saddening streak, while authorities described him as a would-be terrorist. Now justice papers contend a male indicted of shopping dual rifles used in a 2015 conflict has concluded to beg guilty in tie with a weapons’ squeeze as good as progressing aborted plot. In exchange, prosecutors will ask some leniency.

A Bible Belt Pastor Welcomes a Stranger

Deep in a heart of Texas — Fort Worth, to be accurate — David Daniels knew there would be fallout for seeking his assemblage to acquire refugees from Syria and beyond. The priest total many members of Pantego Bible Church voted for Trump. Some left. The infancy stayed — wrestling with their faith, politics and a inlet of what it means to be Christian.


— Actor Harrison Ford had a tighten call during a controls of a tiny plane when he overflew a 737 newcomer jet during John Wayne Airport in Orange County. Two years ago, his qualification crashed during a golf course.

— A secret declare is approaching to testify during a conference in a murder box of New York genuine estate scion Robert Durst.

— California members of Congress contend they aren’t removing answers on immigration raids: “My voters are freaked out.”

— El Niño of 2015-2016 might not have brought most sleet to Southern California, though it took a fee on beaches with serious erosion opposite most of a West Coast, according to a study.


— Consummate actor Denzel Washington discusses his craft, fighting and his childhood dreams of being “Super Fly.”

— In a face of fascism, artist László Moholy-Nagy showed industrial-strength optimism. Now we can see his work during LACMA.