Today: When a Going Gets Tough, Rally a Troops. Chipping Away during Obamacare.

I’m Davan Maharaj, editor-in-chief of a Los Angeles Times. Here are some story lines we don’t wish we to skip today.

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When a Going Gets Tough, Rally a Troops

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President Trump’s capitulation ratings were already down to 40% in a Gallup check when this week’s misunderstanding pennyless out, with a exclusion of inhabitant certainty confidant Michael Flynn and a abrupt withdrawal of Andy Puzder, a president’s collect for Labor secretary. As calls for a congressional exploration into a Flynn box grow, Trump’s response has been to quarrel behind — opposite “illegal” leaks and a favorite target, “the feign media.” That approach, though, isn’t putting any controversies to rest. Perhaps that’s because Trump’s streamer to Florida this weekend for a convene a White House pronounced was being orderly by his campaign. Trump 2020 already?

Getting in a State About Israel

It’s been a post of U.S. unfamiliar routine for decades: a hunt for a two-state resolution to solve a Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But as with so many in Washington, Trump has jarred that pillar. “I’m looking during two-state and one-state, and we like a one both parties like,” Trump said. “I can live with possibly one.” More from Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s summit.

More Politics

— Defense Secretary James Mattis warned NATO allies that European defenses are during risk due to low troops budgets, and pronounced a Trump administration might scale behind support for corner invulnerability if other governments do not minister more.

— Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will entrance on a tellurian stage currently during a G-20 limit in Germany.

— Trump contra a media, as noticed by regressive media

— Grade a president: Tell us how we consider Trump is doing, and see what your associate readers are saying.

The Water Pressure Is Up in California

After years of impassioned drought, vast swaths of California are carrying one of their wettest winters on record. That led to this week’s predicament during Oroville Dam, where officials voiced certainty that a new turn of rainfall won’t poise a problem. But it’s also putting pressure on a network of dams, rivers, levees and other waterways that are essential to preventing large flooding.

More About a Storms

— L.A. is fresh for what could be a biggest charge of a season.

— The cost tab for winter charge repairs to California highways? More than $400 million.

Escape From El Salvador

El Salvador is one of a many dangerous places on Earth, with a per capita carnage rate some-more than 15 times that of a United States. A check final year pronounced some-more than 40% of Salvadorans hoped to leave a nation within a year — to Costa Rica, Mexico and, of course, a U.S. But a track is arduous, even for those who wish to enter America by a interloper process. In Kate Linthicum’s story and Carolyn Cole’s video report, see a onslaught to keep a assent — and accommodate one 16-year-old who endured months of vetting in an bid to react his family in L.A. 

Chipping Away during Obamacare

While we wait for an Obamacare alternative, a Trump administration is holding stairs on a possess to disencumber a manners on insurers. It says they’re required to stabilise a Obamacare marketplaces, yet consumer advocates worry that they’ll make medical caring harder to find for many needy patients. Meanwhile, columnist Michael Hiltzik has some thoughts on a still order change by a IRS: It won’t automatically reject taxation earnings that destroy to state either a taxation filer had health word for a year.


— The Los Angeles City Council has voted unanimously to decriminalize travel vending, though it could take months to work out a details.

— Actor Harrison Ford could face punitive action after drifting over a newcomer jet and alighting his single-engine craft on a taxiway during John Wayne Airport.

— The Orange Coast College tyro who personally video-recorded a professor’s classroom comments calling Trump’s feat “an act of terrorism” is being suspended.

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