Today: You Call This Love? Seems Like It Always Rains in Southern California.

I’m Davan Maharaj, editor-in-chief of a Los Angeles Times. Here are some story lines we don’t wish we to skip today, including a weekend recommendations and weekly demeanour behind into a archives.

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You Call This Love?

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President Trump says he loves a Dreamer kids. “DACA is a very, really formidable theme for me,” he remarked during his hour-plus news discussion yesterday. “It’s one of a many formidable subjects we have since we have these implausible kids.” But while Trump says he wants to provide a children brought into a nation illegally “with heart,” his comparison aides have examined during slightest dual options to finish protections for a Dreamers while helmet Trump from a blowback. Get a sum in a disdainful story.

Chaos! What Chaos?! Try ‘Fine-Tuned Machine!’

Trump had some some-more things to get off his chest during that news conference. First, his replacement hopeful for Labor secretary. Then, “the implausible swell that has been made” and a “fine-tuned machine” that his been his administration. And then, stirred by questions: “fake news,” “criminal leaks,” Russia, Mike Flynn, a transport ban, his electoral victory, Hillary Clinton, middle cities, his mother and most more. (Watch a full discussion here, along with some of a some-more astonishing moments, and read a transcript.) So how did he rate his possess hour-plus performance?

Here Comes Travel Ban 2.0

If during initial we don’t succeed, try again. Trump says he’ll be arising a new executive sequence to shorten transport from nations related to terrorism “next week some time,” rather than perplexing to interest a aged one directed during travelers from 7 majority-Muslim countries. No sum yet, other than it will be tailored to “a really bad decision” by a courts. Will a subsequent one mount a improved chance?

More Politics

— Navy Vice Adm. Robert Harward has turned down an offer to be a new inhabitant confidence advisor.

— Trump and his aides have offering mixed messages on Russia.

— What’s your sign? Draw one that describes how we feel about a country and see what other readers have created.

Seems Like It Always Rains in Southern California

Pouring sleet and absolute winds will strike Southern California today. Forecasters contend it could be a strongest charge in a final 6 years and could dump adult to half a feet of sleet in some tools of L.A. County. Much of that should come in a afternoon and evening. “The afternoon invert is going to be a mess,” pronounced one meteorologist with a National Weather Service. “Hopefully people can take a half day off.”

More About a California Storms

— A charge headed to a Oroville Dam area could move 10 inches of rain.

— A news says sleet runoff might have undermined a dam’s petrify spillway.

— Record drought + record sleet = defeated trees. How do we know if your tree is in trouble?

This Golfer Doesn’t Have an Army Like Grandpa Did

Sam Saunders has been toiling divided on a PGA Tour, nonetheless he is still golf royalty. After all, he got personification tips and tough adore from Arnold Palmer, his grandfather. As a 29-year-old plays in a L.A. contest his famous forerunner won 3 times, Saunders says he has schooled how to live in a hulk shadow. “When we was younger we got a small sleepy of being asked about him,” Saunders said. “But now I’m really unapproachable of being Arnold Palmer’s grandson.”


With today’s large storm, this is no time to be removing nearby a Los Angeles River. But behind in Feb 1958, only after a Army Corps of Engineers had finished concreting a bottom and sides of a river, an L.A. Times contributor and photographer set out to journey a 50-plus miles from start to sea in a rubber raft. One problem: not adequate water.


— L.A.’s village skeleton have languished for years. Now they’re an doubtful issue in a Mar election.

— The former mayor of Palm Springs and dual vital developers were charged with open crime and other felonies in a temptation scheme.

— Many immigrants in Los Angeles rooted for a Day Without Immigrants protest, though a lot couldn’t risk skipping a day of work.

— The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department is questioning an alleged head-butting occurrence involving cocktail star Justin Bieber during a West Hollywood restaurant.


— A rare Anhui-style restaurant has non-stop in San Gabriel. Times food censor Jonathan Gold gives his initial impressions of a place.

— Enchiladas, salmon and some-more cooking ideas ready in reduction than an hour.

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