Top Local Stories Today 10/12/17

SAN ANGELO, Tx – In news with Kaitlin Moore, military are acid for a think concerned in an early morning sharpened during a home in north San Angelo.

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Shortly before 12:30 Wednesday morning, military were dispatched to a chateau in a 500 retard of East 28th Street for a news of a sharpened victim.

There they found a 30-year-old masculine with a gun shot wound to a leg.

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The plant was ecstatic to Shannon Medical Center for diagnosis of non-life melancholy injuries. 

The different think reportedly fled a scene.  

Police trust a think might be a Hispanic masculine in his teens. Police will continue acid for a think in this on going investigation.


San Angelo propagandize administrators are responding to a minute from a Wisconsin-based substructure called “Freedom From Religion” following a censure from a internal parent.

The primogenitor contacted a Wisconsin organisation severe a long-standing tradition of request during propagandize graduations in San Angelo.

A “Freedom From Religion” profession sent this minute to San Angelo propagandize district administrators in Sep doubt a practice.

An SAISD orator pronounced that both sovereign and state law and internal propagandize district process do not  demarcate eremite or non-religious speech.

“We do have a checks and balances in place to make certain that all of a campuses in those forms of ceremonies they know accurately what a kiddos are authorised to contend as it relates to religion, what falls underneath a initial amendment and those forms of things,” pronounced Derrick Jackson, Director of Communications for San Angelo ISD.

Jackson says district administrators are reviewing concerns lifted in a minute that privately references invocations during Lake View and Central High School graduation ceremonies over a past 4 years.





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