Trump Today: Escaping his troubles by travel?

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The headlines


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President Donald J. Trump will make 5 stops in a Middle East and Europe on his initial ubiquitous trip. He leaves in his arise a swirling debate over his campaign’s contacts with Russia.

Foreign leaders are scheming to accommodate a president, readying beef with a side of ketchup, his favorite meal, and formulation brief presentations with copiousness of visible aids. Aides are also building downtime into his jam-packed schedule.

Trump on Thursday criticized a appointment of a special warn to examine either his debate colluded with Russia to pitch him a 2016 election. He pronounced it ‘‘hurts a nation terribly’’ and was a “very, really disastrous thing.”

At a pell-mell White House news conference, Trump also veered back toward his strange reason for a banishment of FBI executive James Comey, who was heading an review into Trump-Russia ties.

Trump suggested he was responding to a recommendation by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. But Rosenstein told a US Senate Thursday that when he wrote his memo he already knew that Comey would be fired. And Trump himself has pronounced formerly that he was going to glow Comey anyway — since of a Trump-Russia investigation.


Trump done a series of controversial claims during a news conference. Here’s a rundown.

The New York Times and a Washington Post both offering further intriguing stories about Comey’s concerns about Trump’s interactions with him over a Trump-Russia probe.

Trump should get an outward lawyer to assistance him understanding with a Trump-Russia probe. That’s a recommendation from some White House aides and Trump associates.

Massachusetts politicians are examination a whirlwind in Washington with anger, agitation, and impatience, observant a critical work of supervision is being hold up, a Globe’s Josh Miller reports.

Today’s schedule

Trump will accommodate with bill executive Mick Mulvaney in a morning and afterwards start his ubiquitous trip, choppering from a South Lawn of a White House to Joint Base Andrews, where he will house Air Force One for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

What’s he been tweeting?

Trump had copiousness to contend during a news discussion Thursday. He was still on Twitter early Friday morning.

After a integrate of newsmaking tweets Thursday morning, he posted a integrate of tasteless tweets Thursday evening, celebrating a revisit of a Colombian president, and proclaiming Police Week, that ends on Saturday.

More headlines

Whatever happened to that health caring overhaul? Senate Republicans wish to get started on a devise to reinstate a Affordable Care Act, though a play in a White House is casting prolonged shadows.

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Maine Senator Susan Collins

Maine Republican US Senator Susan Collins has turn a pivotal player as a Trump administration grows increasingly inextricable in questions of potentially rapist actions and a GOP struggles to respond, a Globe’s Jim O’Sullivan reports.

Turkey called for a Trump administration to replace a attach� to a anti-Islamic State coalition. It’s a latest pointer of augmenting tragedy between Turkey and a United States.

Trump has decided not to move a US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. That pierce could have lifted tensions since Jerusalem is claimed as a collateral by both Israelis and Palestinians.

Country thespian Toby Keith, who achieved during Trump’s inauguration, is slated to perform during a men-only unison in a Saudi capital, Riyadh this weekend, while Trump visits that country.

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey and 15 other attorneys ubiquitous are perplexing to preserve a pivotal partial of a Affordable Care Act — a subsidies that assistance people cover their co-payments and deductibles, a Globe’s Felice J. Freyer reports.


Here’s video of Trump’s news discussion with a Colombian president.

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